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Don’t know how to book? No Worries Check the Description Below to see Step by Step of How it Works.

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How It Works

We partner with several Rental Companies in The Bahamas that offers no Security Deposit on Vehicles and also Security deposits. The Price above is for the delivery of the car only not the rental car price. The total you have for the Rental Company will be determined by how long you would like to book the car. You can also pay the rental amount when we deliver your car in person.

1. Schedule
Click Book ok Now ButtonIn the Description Box enter Package Details
In the Description enter in you car preference compact, mid-size or Full Size and how long you want to book

2. Pick Up Location
In Pick Up Location enter where you would like us to pick the car up from you after rental is finished

3. Rental Details
Select the location where you want the Car to be delivered, and your contact Information
Any additional information in order notes

4. Car Delivered
Experience the magic of having your car delivered to you, in under 1 hour on-demand. Your concierge will take a photo of your Driver’s License to verify that you are license to drive.

5. Car Pickup
Once you are done with your car, schedule the collection and a driver will come and pick it up from you

Alternative Order Options

You can also Book Via
Whats App – 242 – 803 – 8324
Text Message – 242 – 803 – 8324
Call – 242 – 803 – 8324
Facebook Messenger:
Instagram Dm: or