Bespoken Bahamas offers numerous options for yacht charters rentals in The Bahamas, we provide options for various events and different budgets. If you are looking for a luxury yacht charter in The Bahamas, to experience a relaxing weekend away from the city, one way to forget about the urban hassles is to opt for a private yacht charter. You can choose fishing yachts or cruising ones. Any yachting experience imaginable can be made available to you: from glamorous dinners with your loved ones, or with business partners looking to build a better business relationship, to organized corporate events. We also provide excellent yacht management services, taking care of all aspects related to your cruising experience and to the good maintenance of your luxury yachts.




The islands of Bahamas are known for their favorable sailing conditions and the shallow waters in many parts make for an interesting watch of marine life below the surface.  Bahamas boast of more than 2,400 cays and this is another reason why you should do your next yacht charter vacation here. The cluster of islands is also home to some of the barrier reefs that are made from a corals formed over several thousand years ago. The reefs offer natural protection from the lashing waves of the open sea and they also provide shelter to many small marine species. The island cluster of Bahamas begins from Bimini which is 45 miles from the coast of Miami. The cluster then extends to the Turks which is 500 kilometers distance. If you are looking for a serene place to spend your yacht holidays then Bahamas is a great choice. The location is such that it is easily reachable from most of the US coastal cities. It can also be accessed easily from the charter destinations in Europe. The most pleasant time of year is between September and May, when the temperature averages between 70-75°F (21-24°C). Summer brings warmer sunshine yet more humidity, with temperatures reaching between 80-85°F (27 and 29°C).

Submerge yourself in the Bahamas’s glittering expanse of waters in order to achieve the ultimate sense of escape. Unlike holidays spent in exclusive hotels or resorts, luxury yacht charter offers its passengers the ultimate in privacy and control, as you and your guests will be the only ones to which the crew will attend.


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